Errand runs

Went to post office (sent off Three Pipe Problem Choker to Canada) then to grocery store (yay Advil Cold and Sinus) then to library and picked up:

(book) Sexual History of London (DVD) Sherlock Holmes (RDJ film) Sherlock Holmes (Rupert Everett) Kagemusha (KUROSAWA!!!!) and the live action GANTZ with Nino and Kenichii <3

And then picked up Chili Cheese Dog and Cherry Chocolate Blizzard, a very Dean Winchester lunch. (I had a burger yesterday, so) 

Spouse watching Japanese film (the Grudge) while I’m typing here and looking at almost finish lineart for Dean and Cass pic.

For some reason, while I have to admit a profound bond with Dean and Cass, all my dreams lately include Sam Winchester. Not complaining, me.